Hyper-specific TV for our hyper-specific interests… the possibilities are are vast when you don’t need broadcast to have a show.

Virgin has remodeled their banks to make them more comfortable for consumers. In a world where financial institutions are as intimidating as Andre the Giant, staying competitive means building a retail environment that puts people at ease. Especially, if they have to come into the brick and mortar.

Everyone’s talking about cord-cutting!

I just heard the term “cord cutter" for the first time today and realized simultaneously that I am one.

A beautiful night in Austin. #nofilter #atx #austin

A beautiful night in Austin. #nofilter #atx #austin

But what I find particularly interesting is a comment from Texas A&M professor, David Anderson: when people see an increase in income, the first thing they upgrade is their diet. Fascinating! 

I’ve actually seen this phenomena in myself over the years of going from college student, to first-low-paying-job, to slightly-better-off-young-professional. Improved diet and wardrobe, I’d say. But I wonder if it’s because when we earn more money we desire a) healthier b) tastier c) more ethical food. 

According to this article in Time, there is a correlation between better health and education (to no one’s real surprise, right?). If education equates to a higher earning career then I can see paying for a gym membership and buying more expensive foods. But the idea that a diet upgrade comes before all other things you can pay to upgrade is really indicative of something,

Are we all secretly coveting more money so that we can eat better? 

It’s clear that we are a different generation than our parents. We prioritize personal satisfaction in our life’s work, career or otherwise. Meanwhile, I think my parents (the silent generation) were aiming to be stable providers. And they were. Thank goodness for them I can afford to be choosy. 

I did take the strengthsfinder test, btw, and I recommend it as well. It’s all about building on your strong areas rather than dedicating much energy to improving your weaknesses (you probably have little interest in improving them anyway). Here’s what I got:

  1. Adaptability: People strong in the Adaptability theme prefer to “go with the flow.” They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.
  2. Woo: People strong in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person.
  3. Communication: People strong in the Communication theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters.
  4. Significance: People strong in the Significance theme want to be very important in the eyes of others. They are independent and want to be recognized.
  5. Focus: People strong in the Focus theme can take a direction, follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. They prioritize, then act.

I bet it would be an interesting and fun exercise to overlay my archetype results. Stay tuned for that one, folks. And keep dreaming!

Parents often shield their special needs kids from the spotlight for fear of judgement or ridicule, which includes keeping them out of the Special Olympics. Take a look at this new campaign which shines the spotlight on these kids’ abilities rather than their disabilities. 

Target’s “Made to Matter” program unites 17 brands, including Method, Burt’s Bees, Chobani and Seventh Generation to produce new, exclusive products.

More Brother/wolf. Musical instruments! #austinmusicscene #atx @calrebsofgix @austincalling84

More Brother/wolf. Musical instruments! #austinmusicscene #atx @calrebsofgix @austincalling84